Our Mission


We’re on a mission to make the world a friendlier place. We believe when you eat friendly, you feel friendly: when you’re kind to your body, you can be kind to others, too.

We are a B-Corp

We are proud to be a certified Benefit Corp, or “B-Corp”, which is recognized as the highest standard in social corporate responsibility. Being a B-Corp gives us the freedom to prioritize our triple bottom line of people, purpose, and profits equally. We think that’s pretty awesome. To learn more about what a B-Corp is, and why we decided to become one, check out our blog post, here.

Fuel Her Future

Through our pioneering giveback program, Fuel Her Future, Wild Friends donates 1% of sales to programs that help ensure women and girls have the environment and empowerment to make their dreams a reality. To learn more about why we launched Fuel Her Future, check out our blog post, here.

Our first non-profit partner is Girls Inc. of the Pacific Northwest, an organization which provides resources and opportunities for girls of all ages to grow up strong, smart, and bold.

Their powerful mission aligns perfectly with our own values. They are committed to advancing the rights and opportunities of girls and young women to reduce and eliminate the barriers girls face and reforming systems that impede on their success. They approach this work with an equity lens, focusing in particular on the needs of girls from low-income communities and girls of color, who face multiple, intersectional challenges. If you’re an individual seeking to volunteer, check out the Girls Inc. website, here. We have both been after-school Girls Guides and we can promise it’s just as transformative an experience for the guides as it is for the girls.

Our Ingredients

Peanuts from


We source our peanuts from farmers in the southeastern states of the US. The plant where our peanuts are processed is focused on generating a reliable carbon footprint and working towards a zero waste landfill operational status.
Almonds from


Our almonds come from a multi-generational family farm in the central valley of California. They use sustainable, bee-friendly, state-of-the-art farming and processing practices to ensure the integrity of the almonds is never compromised.
Cashews from


Our cashews come from Vietnam and West Africa. We buy directly from growers which means full traceability to the local region, village or group of growers who grew the cashews. Buying directly from growers gives them more income and provides a better life for the growers and villages.
Coconut from


Our coconut comes from the Philippines from a family-owned business, actively supports the local communities in the Philippines with education and healthcare programs, including assisting the region’s coconut farmers with social, environmental and economic development programs.
Cacao from


We partner with a supplier who is committed to creating sustainable change and impact for cocoa farmers. They started a non-profit and third-party verified organization to drive cocoa farmer prosperity by creating self-sustaining communities that protect nature and children.
Honey from


We partner with a honey supplier that has been family owned and operated for 45 years, is a Certified B Corporation and founders of Save the Bee nonprofit, a partnership of like-minded businesses, non-profits, researchers, educators, and beekeepers committed to protecting honey bee health.
Hazelnuts from


Our hazelnuts come from Turkey. We source directly from a family run company that has decades of experience and is the leading specialist of organic and fair trade nut and dried fruit sourcing.
Flax Seeds from

Flax Seeds

Our flax seeds come from the USA and Canada from a supplier that is very environmentally conscious. They support and report annually to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), have reduced landfill volumes by more than 20% and contracted more than 7,000 acres over the past four years to transition to organic.
Chia Seeds from

Chia Seeds

Our chia seeds are sourced from Central and South America from the leading company in the development and worldwide distribution of specialty products originating from South America.