Why I Started Crossfit & Tips for Beginners

Growing up I was involved in every kind of sport you could think of. I competed in baseball, basketball, golf, football, lacrosse, gymnastics, swimming, and soccer. I even was on Varsity Track and Field for my college my first year. Sports gave me that adrenaline rush, community atmosphere, and daily motivation that I craved. My second year of college was the first time I did not compete on a sports team. Everything felt DIFFERENT. I still stayed active and would go to the gym on a daily basis, but it was not the same… I was always so bored and wanted something more. At the beginning of summer 2016 I decided to join BackCountry Crossfit, a local Crossfit box in Highlands Ranch, CO, and I was HOOKED instantly.

Top 5 Reasons Why I Do Crossfit:

1.) Competitive:

Crossfit gave me back that competitive drive that I had been missing. There is always something to work on and get better at. Every day you step into the box HUNGRY, wanting to constantly push yourself to improve your abilities through measurable results. 

2.) Culture:

If you ask anyone involved in the Crossfit community what they love about the sport, I guarantee they will bring up how unbelievable the culture is. Everyone in this community is so SUPPORTIVE, which creates a sustainable environment and it makes working out fun!

3.) Custom-Built:

There are so many different modifications to the movements involved in the workouts that it allows people from so many different backgrounds to get involved. No one forces you to perform a movement you are not comfortable with and yet you are still able to get an incredible workout using the modifications if necessary. Literally, ANYONE can do Crossfit.

4.) Creates Athletes:

When I was going to the gym everyday to lift weights I looked like I was in shape, but I could not actually do anything ‘athletic’ without getting fairly tired. Crossfit not only makes you look fit, but ACTUALLY makes you become fit. It uses FUNCTIONAL movements centered on strength, mobility, agility, stamina, gymnastics, coordination, as well as nutrition. There is a high intensity involved with these workouts that test your physical and mental abilities creating long-term health and aesthetics.

5.) Changes Lives:

The results you see from Crossfit not only show up in the gym, but you see them in other aspects of your life. You will start to feel better physically and emotionally, which can create a healthy/sustainable LIFESTYLE, help improve relationships, increase your confidence, boost performance at work, etc. It ultimately just improves your quality of life.


  • Find a box with experienced, hands-on coaches.
  • Leave your ego at the door. (Scale when needed, Focus on form, Be patient, Have an open mind)
  • You don’t need to be ‘in-shape’ or have the gear to start
  • JUST START, You have nothing to lose! (Normally, gyms let you try it out before paying)