Traveling with Wild Friends

I’m on a month-long adventure, traveling through Singapore, Bali, and Cambodia, and while I’m loving every single minute and new experience,I am also relying on a few tricks from home that are keeping me on top of my travel game and getting me through crazy flights, airports ,bus, and motorbike rides… and everything else!

Any good traveler knows that it’s super important to stay hydrated, well-fed and fresh while on the go so that once you finally get to your destination, you’re ready to explore all that city, town, or whatever has to offer you.

The moment I arrive at my destination, I like to dive right in. So, my go-to way to avoid jet lag or a travel slump is to have my arsenal of goodies with me at all times. I always have my HydroFlask with me to stay hydrated with cold water and I also pack, like a true kid, a “snack pack” that comes with me on the plane/train/bus. Depending on the length of my trip I may even pack an extra “long term snack pack” in my big bag.

Here’s a little peek in my travel day pack

Adult “snack pack” (recipe below)
Lara Bars
Apples, grapes, orange, bananas (things that my Wild Friends will taste amazing on!)
Wild Friends Protein + Chocolate Peanut Butter (my fave way to feel full, since I usually can’t eat the meals provided on board)
Eye drops
Fresh undergarments
Pair of clean socks
Pen + paper
Book of choice
Aftershokz headphones

Adult Snack Pack
Put it all together the night before your first flight
1 serving of yogurt (I prefer Siggis)
½ or full banana
Wild Friends flavor of choice
½ cup chia seeds
½ cup cacao nibs
¼ cup coconut chips
Berries of choice
Honey or Agave

Mix Chia seeds in with the yogurt in the container (the actual yogurt cup)
Layer half of the yogurt + chia seed mixture on the bottom of a plastic container (one you will bring with you)
Add a layer of Wild Friends
Place banana rounds down, top ½ of the berries
Sprinkle a layer of cacao nibs
Layer the rest of the yogurt + chia seed mixture on top
Add more bananas and berries if you have them, then top with cacao and the coconut chips
Dash of honey or agave to top it off!

The next time you fly, instead of grabbing expensive snacks at the airport bookstore, try bringing your own and see how different you feel after hours of traveling. I bet you just might feel ready for everything and anything and want to book your next adventure right away!