Top 3 Fitness Studios in LA

“Workout because you love your body, not because you hate it."


Was I always active?

I have always been somewhat active as a kid. I enjoyed going on walks after dinner, playing handball, tetherball & kickball. Yeah, the typical P.E activities! In middle school, I became more sedentary. In high school, I decided to tryout for my Pep (cheerleading) team. Surprisingly, I made the team LOL I really didn’t think I would. I was a cheerleader from 10th-12th grade. I was a base, the person lifting up the flyer (person in the air). We were conditioned – we ran and did bleachers often. It was very cardio-based. It was my form of physical activity throughout high school.

When did I start getting into fitness?
It wasn’t until after high school and starting college, I began to get more into fitness. However, I was completely clueless after signing up for a gym membership. I remember getting a complimentary personal training assessment. I did 3 sets of 10 bicep curls with 5-lb weights. I was SO SORE within hours – even until the next 3-4 days. I had no idea what bicep curls were until that day (freshmen year in college). Even after getting a gym membership, I was never committed. I had a gym buddy here and there but I mostly went by myself. I wasn’t consistent. One week, I’d go 3-4 times. Another week, I’d go 1 time.. if I had enough motivation. I was afraid of going into the weight room because I didn’t know how to use equipment. I was afraid of touching machines because I was basically…clueless. I just used the treadmill and elliptical. Cardio was all I did whenever I went to the gym!

Starting a consistent workout routine.
I was tired of not having a structured workout routine. I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to enjoy working out. While scrolling through my Instagram explore page (March 2015), I found Kayla Itsines page! That’s where I found a bunch of BBG pictures and instantly got motivated to look more into the program. After 2-3 days of following Kayla on Instagram & feeling more persuaded the program worked – I got myself to start. I fell in love with the process of having a workout routine I enjoyed – it was something I woke up and always looked forward to! After doing the guides for 3-4 rounds, I began incorporating other ways to workout.

Basically, fast forward 2 years and I can’t believe SO much has change. My passion for nutrition and fitness has grown drastically. I have found something I enjoy doing! So here I am, sharing 3 of my favorite workout/fitness studios in Los Angeles!

1. Soul Cycle
Soul Cycle is indoor cycling – a fat burning, full body workout. My first time at Soul Cycle was 11 months ago, April 2016. I clearly remember my first class. IT WAS INTENSE. It’s no joke. All those tap-backs, push-ups, sprints, climbs and hand weights. NO FREAKING JOKE. The best part is the environment. The instructors are all so awesome! They pump up the class & keep everyone motivated throughout the whole class – the lit candles (yes, lit), pumpin’ music & dim/dark rooms make the experience. If I go >2 weeks without taking a soul cycle class – I feel deprived. I honestly need my soul fix! Preferably at least once a week :’) it’s such a fun way to workout! The best thing is that the whole class is powering through it together. It motivates me! It tends to be my stress reliever or a great way to start my day off in a productive way!
2. Barry’s Bootcamp
I discovered this studio through ClassPass. Barry’s classes is structured around interval training – splitting a 1 hour class into strength and cardio. Everyday is a different workout, depending on studio location. They split it into Mon-Fri; Arms & Abs, Butt & Legs, Chest Back & Abs, Abs & Full Body. Friday, Saturday & Sunday are usually Full Body days – but it can differ from studio to studio. The 1-hour workouts are effective and SO much fun! These are classes you need to mentally prepare for. The treadmill interval running is something that challenges me every time. I’m not a runner so it’s something I have a hard time with . Each person has their own treadmill & floor stepper. The weights you choose are up to you. You will always feel challenged during the class & leave feeling proud of your accomplishments! The high-energy environment is what always gets me pumped up & motivated to challenge myself mentally and physically. I love it!

3. Basecamp Fitness
Basecamp is a studio with fast-paced interval training. I use to work near a studio, which was how I found about about them! It was convenient to get in my workout during my lunch break – just a 5 minute walk away. The workouts are 35 minutes total. The group environment, motivating instructors & workout structure was what made me stay! The classes are similar to Barry’s Bootcamp breakdown of either certain muscle groups or random fun challenges. Every class is 1 minute cardio (on assault bike) and 1 minute strength training (on the floor, with/without weights). The strength training keeps your muscles working! From TRX, medicine balls, kettle balls or own body weight – it all is a way to challenge yourself! On the assault bike, the faster you bike, the higher the resistance. If you bike 5, 6 or 7 miles in total during your workout class – you get a shirt as a prize once you’re a member! Also, if there is no class, you can totally use this place as a gym. Convenience!

These are currently my top 3 favorite fitness studios in LA! I’ve been to many studios and I love many of them – however, these are ones I find are great all-around. Workout structure, workout room environment, staff service & cleanliness of facility! If you have the time and are in the area, I recommend you to check out my favorite workout studios!
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