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Three Tips for Your Summer Workouts

Three Tips for Your Summer Workouts

I am a recovering “serious runner”. I used to train for marathons and triathlons. The day felt like a waste if I hadn’t run at least five miles. Any other type of exercise was “extra”. I’d wake up at 6am to work out before yoga, which I considered a “treat”.

Fast forward a few years of running a business and thankfully my lifestyle has forced me to streamline my exercise time or else I’d probably still be caught up in this exhausting cycle!

In the summertime, there is so much to do (both at work and for fun!). Exercise shouldn’t get in the way of that. Here are a few tips I have for enjoying summer workouts:

1) Keep it short

I find that 20-30 minutes is all I need to get my heart rate up, get some endorphins, and sweat it out.
Some great resources for short (but intense!) workouts:

Peanut Butter Runner (I like this 30 minute workout!)
The Four Percent (This Tabata workout goes by quick but is challenging)
Kayla Itsines

2) Embrace the season

I’m a huge fan of enjoying each season as it comes and doing what feels good for your body. Some people love to be outside in the sunshine in the summer - which means summer is an ideal time to train for a race outside, do a circuit in the park, or play pick-up soccer. Don’t shut yourself in the gym during the summer if you’re craving Vitamin D!

In the summer I tend to feel restless and want a change in routine. So I’m taking a tennis class and meeting up with Erika once a week to play tennis. (I just read Open and want to be like Andre Agassi - despite my lack of hand-eye coordination).

3) You need energy to exercise

I exercise almost daily - but I give myself a free pass to skip the workout whenever I don’t get enough sleep. I know I need energy to workout and that the number one source of my energy is sleep! The bare bones of wellness are sleeping and eating well - exercise is an energy boost once those two are accomplished.