Super Butter Cold Brew Shake

By Shannon -- @fitstrongshann

It’s officially summer! With the warm weather, all I'm craving are refreshing,  smoothies! It cools me down, and when packed with the right ingredients, fills me up! I absolutely love having one in the morning or as an afternoon snack.

In the morning, I always like to make a coffee-inspired creation for that extra boost of energy to get me going for the day! The extra buzz of caffeine is just an added bonus to my morning cup of coffee – you can’t go wrong! So naturally, I combined all of my favorite smoothie ingredients, including the Wild Friends Peanut Cashew Super Butter, in a blender using the cold brew as the liquid. My morning smoothie hasn’t been the same since!

The Peanut Cashew Super Butter is a great source of healthy fats to help build a balanced smoothie! I always aim to include high quality sources of carbohydrates, protein and fats. As a bonus, I usually add one or two servings of veggies in there too! 

For this smoothie, you get all of the above along with the tasty flavors of the Super Butter and the cold brew. It’s a combination you won’t be able to quit once you try it – trust me.


Peanut Cashew Super Butter Cold Brew Shake


  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1c frozen cauli rice or cauliflower (steamed or not, depends on your personal preference)
  • 1-2Tbsp Wild Friends Peanut Cashew Super Butter
  • 1/4 avocado (trust me, it makes it so creamy)
  • 1 scoop vanilla or coffee flavored protein of choice
  • 1 scoop collagen (optional)
  • 1 8oz cup of cold brew or chilled coffee


  1. Blend it all together until it’s smooth and creamy, and then pour into a glass (or a bowl because it will be thick). Top it with your favorite toppings and enjoy!
  2. If you want to sneak more veggies in there, you can include spinach and won’t even taste a difference! 


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