PDX Fit Project: Free Fitness + Community

Erika and I have lived in the city of Portland for almost five years. We moved to Portland shortly after starting Wild Friends in Eugene, Oregon - where we went to school. It was exciting to move to Portland - a bigger city than either of us had ever lived - but it was also isolating. We were used to the constant socializing and ready-made communities of college life, and we didn’t know anyone who lived in Portland (besides our parents - hey, mom).

Over time, we’ve made friends, and friends have moved to Portland. Wild Friends has consumed our lives in the best possible way - our employees are amazing, and we have great support nationwide through the Wild Friends community.

But it can all feel a bit scattered - and a bit digital. I’ve been craving a more local community, a new group of people who I can connect with in the “real world”.

As a result, I’ve been seeking alternate ways to double down on Portland - to reinvest in the city that I love.

Inspired by my deep love of fitness based community (found in high school cross country and swim team and continued through college triathlon team) I decided to found a fitness group!

PDX Fit Project offers 100% free, fun, weekly workouts.

Circuits, hills, running - it’s all fair game. Any fitness level is welcome. We take the scalability of the workouts seriously - some PDX Fit Project members run 200 mile races. Some are just getting into shape after avoiding exercise entirely. And most (like myself) are somewhere between those two extremes.

The workouts are fun. Endorphins are great. But they are just a means to an end.

PDX Fit Project is really all about building community.

We aren’t about having the coolest gear, paying the highest premium for an exclusive membership, or being on the cutting edge of exercise moves.

We’re all about being extra corny, extra enthusiastic, and extra goofy - all before 7am. This is “networking” at it’s best. We’re not going to ask you “what do you do?” at some boring cocktail hour. We’ll give you a high five and a hug and make a connection in a more organic way.

If you live in the Portland, Oregon area, just show up (it’s free!). We meet every Wednesday (no matter the weather, no matter the holiday) at 6:29am, at the Oregon Seal Monument at Washington Park. (More details with a map and parking instructions on our Facebook Page here.)

If you don’t live in Portland - there might be something similar near you! PDX Fit Project is currently pledging to become an official November Project chapter. Check out the map of all the November Project locations here (there are 32 worldwide!).

It’s been so much fun to be a leader and a coach in my community. My entrepreneurial spirit - the part of me that loves to start new cool stuff, to be an instigator - is finally at one with the side of myself that likes to do lots of burpees ;-)

Hope to see you there!