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Overnight Nut Butter Oats

Overnight Nut Butter Oats

By Jaclyn -- @pushupsandpeanutbutter

My weekday mornings are packed as can be! I'm usually rushing home from my workout to squeeze in a walk with the dog, shower, and pack up my lunch before heading to the office. No matter how busy I may be, I never skip breakfast! After all, it IS the most important meal of the day!

Overnight oats are my go-to breakfast because I can prep them the night before and just grab and go in the morning. Wild Friends just made this favorite even easier with their new Nut Butter Oat Cups! They can be eaten hot, or prepared as overnight oats. Simply grab them from the fridge before you head out the door and you've got yourself a hearty breakfast packed with protein, Omega-3s, and fiber! 

1 Wild Friends Nut Butter Cup
1/2 cup milk of choice
1/3 cup diced fruit (I love to add banana or blueberries!)
1 Wild Friends Super Butter Packet
Optional: additional fruit, Wild Friends Nut Butter, or granola for topping.
Add milk, diced fruit, and Super Butter Packet to oat cup, stir, and cover. Place in the refrigerator overnight. In the morning, top with additional fruit and Wild Friends Nut Butter (Optional, but HIGHLY recommended! There's no such thing as too much nut butter!)
You can now find these at your local Sprouts Farmers Market in the hot cereal aisle!