My Favorite Post-Workout Nut/Seed Butter Snack

After an intense workout, I think about what I’ll be eating once I get home! I’m hungry & my body needs the fuel to keep me going. I make sure I get complex carbs, protein & healthy fats in each meal to keep a healthy balanced diet. Carbs are needed to help restore my glycogen stores so I can keep my energy levels steady for the rest of the day. Protein is needed for muscle repair and growth after exercise. Healthy fats help absorb nutrients from the other foods you consume! It helps absorb vitamins fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K). Fats also contain 2 essential fatty acids that your body does not make, so you must get it from food!

I LOVE nut/seed butter spreads. Nut/seed butter have been a current staple in my everyday diet because of the unlimited combinations I can create. They contain a significant amount of fat per serving but all are beneficial to your overall health! Alright, enough talking. I’m sharing with you guys my favorite post-workout nut/seed butter snack!

If I had to pick my TOP favorite, it would be a loaded bagel sandwich slathered in Wild Friends honey sunflower seed butter! I like to add it with some fruit, such as mashed raspberries, mashed figs or sliced bananas. I love the honey sunflower butter because it has a unique twist to a spread. It’s like no other! The honey flavor adds a hint of sweetness which I LOVE. I’m addicted to every Wild Friends flavor but this one is definitely my top favorite!! I also need to be stocked up on this flavor. Now, go ahead! Make yourself a bagel sandwich slathered with a bunch of your favorite Wild Friends spread because I know FOR SURE, you won’t regret it!