Must Pack Snacks

Living in Orlando Florida, my husband and I have become huge fans of doing little family stay-cations near some of the theme parks. Its such a fun way to get a little R&R while having plenty of activities for Charlie to enjoy. But as most of y'all know, eating out while on vacation can get pretty pricey & difficult to find healthy options. I'm sharing a handful of my "must pack" snack ideas! For traveling or just spending the day out and about! I've been having such a blast introducing my favorite snacks with my little guy, so most of these are kiddo friendly. It's so important to me to instill healthy eating habits in Charlie.

1. The classic fruit + Wildfriends combo. The possibilities here are endless with all the yummy nutbutter flavors! We have an apple + almond butter almost just can't beat it! I love to add cinnamon too. Another favorite is banana with the maple sunflower butter & a sprinkle of hemps seeds.
2. Celery sticks + PB & gojis. Ants on a log just got a makeover 😎
3. Hummus + carrots/cucumbers/grape tomatoes & unsalted pretzels/crackers. You really can't go wrong when hummus is involved! Our favorite crackers are Simplemills (made with almond flour, sunflower seeds & flax)
4. I absolutely love the GoMacro bars for quick and easy fuel. They even have mini bars which are perfect for kids. Charlie loves the sesame butter + dates flavor.
5. Raw nuts + fresh fruit are always stashed in my bag. As soon as I get back from a grocery haul I wash and cut my fruit so that it's ready to go in the morning.
6. Avocado + chia seeds. This combo is sure to leave you satisfied! Just cut that sucker in half and dig in with a spoon!
7. Kombucha. I have one every single day! Not gonna lie, this habit ain't cheap... but I never buy coffee drinks, so that's how I justify it! And the health benefits are💯. Healthy gut, healthy brain!
8. Yogurt + Granola. Siggis & Purely Elizabeth is where it's at! (I make sure to always stock up on siggis when they're on sale...Target will sometimes have them 10/10!!! JACKPOT. This combo always feels like dessert for me.
9. Dark chocolate... can you tell I have a sweet tooth!?!
10. Protein balls. I love prepping a batch of these on Sunday. Perfect bite when I need a little pep in my step. My go to recipe:
1/2 cup plant based vanilla protein powder (I use Kachava tribe)
1/2 cup Wild Friends PB
1 tbl coconut flour or almond flour
1 tbl chia seeds
1 tsp vanilla extract
4 tbl almond milk
give it a whirl in a high speed blender & fold in 2 tbl dark chocolate chips
I hope y'all enjoyed some of these tasty ideas! Happy snacking!