Introducing Friendly Face Winnie Liong

Hi, it's Winnie Liong! I'm currently a Nutritionist and Food Photographer in Los Angeles! I work for a food app created for those with food allergies. In 2016, I graduated with my Bachelors in Food & Nutrition - Dietetics. I'm currently working towards becoming a Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer. I am passionate about living a balanced lifestyle that nourishes and sustains. I believe in taking care of our bodies through developing an active lifestyle and eating real, whole foods. I'm ecstatic to be a Wild Friends Friendly Face because I'm addicted to all their BOMB flavors! When I first discovered them, I couldn't turn back. Some days, I just want to dunk all my food into Wild Friends nut butter. Most of the time, I do it because it's that good. Trust me, I'm not lying!