Introducing Friendly Face Sarah Schutz

Hi guys! My name is Sarah and I am a self-described nut butter addict (Nut Butters Anonymous? Anyone?). By day, I am a research analyst in Washington DC, but, by night, I moonlight as a recipe tester, blogger, and all-around cheerleader of healthy living on my Instagram and blog The Cutting Veg. My claim to fame is I can polish off a can of chickpeas in one sitting and can sing karaoke on command to every Drake song (if that is a goal. Yes it most certainly is!). Wild Friends has always been my day one when it comes to nut butter, which says a lot! They make choosing simple, healthy, and delicious snacks and meals a breeze, with their amazing flavors and simple ingredients. Plus those snack packs? Talk about LIFE. SAVER. when it comes to eating on the go. As a working 20-something, I am also inspired by the company's entrepreneurial story, something I take with me in my own life as I challenge myself in my career. Y'all are crazy for asking me what my favorite flavor is, but that Sesame Cran PB is def a stunner. I can't wait to share my tips and tricks with y'all!