Introducing Friendly Face Maddie Ross

Hello, I’m Maddie, a self-claimed avocado addict and nut butter connoisseur. I am the blogger behind The Dancing Foodie, where I feature delicious recipes made with wholesome ingredients. My food philosophy is one that incorporates all food groups. I don’t believe that any food should be deemed good or bad, as a balanced approach to food leads to a truly fulfilling life. Vegetables, chocolate chip cookies, and spoonfuls of nut butter straight from the jar are all a part of my definition of healthy eating. I’ve been a fan of Wild Friends ever since the beginning when Erika and Keeley first appeared on Shark Tank. From the moment I opened my first jar of Peanut Honey Pretzel butter, I knew it was the outset of a lasting food friendship. It is honestly the best tasting nut butter I have ever tasted--and I have had a lot of nut butter in my days! When asked for my favorite flavor I felt like I was being asked to choose my favorite sibling. Peanut honey pretzel and pumpkin spice have my heart, but you cannot go wrong with Wild Friends!