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Easy and Affordable DIY Holiday Gifts

Easy and Affordable DIY Holiday Gifts

If you’re anything like me, you’re never quite prepared for the Holidays. I usually find myself in a mad dash to grab presents about a week before Christmas, leaving me (and my bank account) pretty stressed. This year, to avoid the last minute mall/Amazon exploration, I’ve created a list of simple (and cheap) DIY projects that make great, customizable gifts. While this may take more time than purchasing a gift, they’ll be far more personal and give you a great indoor activity for those chilly December nights!

Hand-Dyed Throw Pillows

I am absolutely obsessed with the color Indigo, and this year I’ve decided to share that obsession with friends & family. I first got the idea for this from a friend who is the mastermind behind @makeeatsleeprepeat. Check out their Instagram for full instructions!

Things You’ll Need: Indigo Dye, White Throw Pillows, Rubberbands, String, Planks of Wood

Tip: You can make them even more affordable if you buy plain fabric and sew your own pillows!

Ceramic Planters

I love the look of handmade ceramics, and they are the perfect medium for customization. I have found platers to be the most versatile gift, and easy to make at home!

Things You’ll Need: Head to your local art store and grab some clay. I usually hit up Georgies or Dick Blick, and snag a bag of low-fire clay. Hunt down a local ceramics studio with a kiln and see if they can fire you peices. If you’re in Portland, check out Carter & Rose! I also like to have a sponge, sandpaper, and a variety of pottery tools on hand. None of these are 100% needed, but they do ease the process.

Tip: Ask your local studio if they have glaze you can use!

Start off with a circular ball of clay. Press your thumb in the center to make a bowl shape. Pinch the sides with your thumb and pointer finger to thin out the clay, while giving the planter a fun texture. You can add height to your planter by adding bits of clay, but remember to keep it thin. If the clay is too thick it will crack in the kiln! I like to add little feet to my pieces for a playful effect, and a hole in the bottom for drainage.

Oversized Blanket

There is nothing I love more during the Holidays than cuddling up in front of the fire with some hot chocolate, a good book, and a cozy blanket. Check out Laura Birek’s Youtube Tutorial on how to knit a Giganto Blanket. Although it looks intimidating, the large “needles” and yarn make this project easy to finish in one sitting!

What You’ll Need: 1.5” PVC Pipe, slightly-felted superwash unspun wool roving

Tip: You can buy the pattern on Ravelry!