Celebrating Non-GMO Month

Celebrating Non-GMO Month

October is Non-GMO month!  We are thrilled that there is a whole month dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the importance of real, organic and natural foods made without genetically modified ingredients.

We are proud that all of our Wild Friends products are verified by the Non-GMO Project because we believe that in order to make the healthiest products for you and our planet, we need to leave GMOs out of the equation.

If you are wondering, what the heck is a GMO?  Let us explain!  GMO stands for genetically modified organism.  These organisms include plants, animals and microorganisms whose genetic makeup has been altered through a process called gene splicing or gene modification.  This is a relatively new technology that creates volatile combinations of plants, animals, bacterial and viral genes that you cannot find in nature.

Some of the most common GMO crops are in foods that people eat on a regular basis: corn, soy, canola, sugar beet, animal products and more.  At this time, food companies are not required to label whether their ingredients come from GMOs or not, so as a consumer it is hard to detect the source of the ingredients in the foods we buy.

That’s why we are in full support of organizations like The Non-GMO Project who recognize companies that are transparent about their ingredients and who choose to use ingredients free of GMOs.  The Non-GMO Project has created a symbol that consumers can look for on their food packages that clearly communicates when a product is free of GMOs.

Keep an eye out for this symbol next time you are grocery shopping!

By being a Non-GMO Verified company, that means we have to provide detailed information about the origin of every single one of our ingredients. The Project has strict guidelines in place that each company has to meet in order to become verified.

We are proud that our entire line of Wild Friends Nut & Seeds Butters are compliant with the Project’s standards because it has been our goal from day one to make the most delicious nut & seed butters using ingredients that we trust.  

We are grateful to be a part of this food revolution to re-establish a connection with our food.  You can do your part by choosing to support other companies with the same mission because after all, there is true power in numbers.

For more information about the Non-GMO Project, visit their website!


Erika & Keeley