Breakfast On-the-go

Being that I'm a health conscious surgery resident I mainly rely on easy, simple, nourishing meals to power me through hours in the operating room. I usually prep my meals the evening before, pack them in a mason jar, and grab them along with a spoon before heading to the hospital.  Some of my morning staples are:

-overnight oats drizzled with sunflower butter which is absolutely delicious!! And more recently I've been into wild friend pumpkin spice!

-Sliced apples, yogurt, grainless granola a dollop of wild friends honey pretzel. I would honestly eat this every day if I could.

-chia pudding topped with seasonal fruit, a crunch of granola and wild friends protein+ peanut butter. 

-smoothie bowl packed with healthy greens, collagen powder, probiotics and wild friends protein vanilla almond butter. So delish!

Here you have it folks! Hope you try some of these easy healthy and delicious breakfasts on the go.