Baby's First Peanut Butter Bite

Post submitted by our Friendly Face Jeannette! 

I've now reached a new stage with Elliott.. SOLIDS!

We've been experimenting with so many different foods and to be honest, as a new mama I was terrified of feeding him anything, because I hear so many horror stories, I was a bit taken back by it all. There's so much information online and of course, us mamas talk and all have our opinions about EVERYTHING. All I wanted was to make the right decision for him.

We started him off with veggies.. greens, avocado, sweet potatoes, butternut squash.. the list goes on! After a couple of weeks I introduced him to nut butter, bits of fruit, gluten (not sweets, I mean bread, rice, and other grains) and chicken/salmon (because he seemed interested in it every time I'd eat it so I gave in). He's been loving it all and no allergies yet!

You gotta do what works for your family. for us, exposing Elliott to different types of foods works for us and him. I'm so glad wild friends makes nut butters that I can trust to feed my babe. He clearly loves it!

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