Almond Butter + Your WHOLE30: 6 Meal Ideas

By Melissa -- @melissasfoodfreedom //


It’s easy to fall in love with almond butter during your Whole30. Even die-hard peanut butter lovers can’t resist a perfect creamy almond butter like Wild Friends Almond Butter. But as a six-time Whole30er, I’m often asked: “How do you eat Almond Butter on your Whole30?” Or more often, “How do you STOP eating Almond Butter on your Whole30?”


The Whole30 meal template suggests that each of your 3 daily meals should include a serving of animal protein, a serving of fat, a large serving of vegetables and the occasional serving of fruit. Additionally, those who exercise should also plan to eat a “mini meal” of protein and fat pre-workout as well as protein and carb-dense vegetables post-workout. I use Wild Friends Almond Butter as a serving of fat during meals, with protein pre-workout and on a carb-dense vegetable post-workout.


Here are a few examples of how you can incorporate almond butter into a balanced and delicious Whole30 meal or mini meal:



I love using Almond Butter as a natural source of fat and protein before my workout. I’ll often pair a spoonful of Classic Creamy Almond Butter with a on-the-go beef stick or hard-boiled egg. It’s portable, easy to take to the gym before or after work, and the opportunity to consume almond butter gets me excited to head into my workout!





When I’m back from the gym I tend to forget about a mini meal, but the Whole30 guidelines are clear that a post-workout mini meal with a carb-dense vegetable and a small serving of easily-digestible protein is important for better and faster recovery from a workout. I love to spread Wild Friends on a slice of sweet potato toast with a sprinkle of raw cacao nibs: quick, easy, and delicious!



The Whole30 guidelines suggest only an occasional serving of fruit: and I find myself usually incorporating fruit into my breakfast. A big vegetable frittata gives you the protein and vegetables you need to start your day, and the addition of blueberries drizzled with almond butter gives you both a serving of fat as well as fresh, natural sweetness!



Every Whole30 lunch, especially the ones packed up and taken to work with you, need a little fun. I like to bake a sweet potato at home and then microwave it at work: drizzling it with almond butter, a bit of ghee and a sprinkle of cinnamon is a total dream! I’ll usually pair that with a serving of leftover animal protein and some extra greens on the side.



Thai peanut sauce is yummy, but legumes are eliminated during the Whole30. Enter: Thai almond sauce! I love to make Spicy Thai Almond Butter Zoodles with Sautéed Beef. It’s warm, and spicy, and gives you all the same flavors of your fave peanut sauce, legume-free!



Nut Butter is the ultimate travel food. Taking along a packet or two of Classic Creamy Almond Butter on your road trip or work event means having nutrient dense protein ready-to-eat anywhere. Every Whole30er knows you occasionally find yourself “stranded” without a meal now and then, but keeping packets of Almond Butter on hand make things so much easier!


There’s a lot to love about the versatility of using almond butter in your Whole30. The creamy, salty, fatty taste can be quite addicting! That’s why I love to enjoy almond butter within the context of a meal or workout mini-meal. Stick to these simple meal ideas and you’ll fall in love with how almond butter makes your Whole30 absolutely amazing!


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