A Typical Training Day for an Olympic Athlete

As a professional triathlete, I train anywhere from 20-30 hours a week.  In addition to the physical training, a huge part of my training includes my nutrition, recovery and massages.  I do all of these things to make sure my body is at its' best every day!

My workouts vary a lot and look different each day, but here are some examples of what a training day might be:

Easy training day:

8 am 
RUN- 6 mile run (45 minutes) straight at your own pace
10 am
SWIM- 4,200m (1 hour)
         Set- 800 warm-up
                   8x50 easy/fast
                   2x 400/300/200/100
                   800 pull/ 200 easy
3 pm 
BIKE- 2 hour easy spin around Colorado


Hard training day:

5:30 am
SWIM- 5,200m (80 minutes)
           Set- 600 swim
                     400 kick
                     8x150 50 fly, 50 back, 50 free
                            100 easy
                            500 pull
                     200 easy
9 am
RUN- (on track)
       2.5 mile warm up, 4x800 with 2:00 recovery, 2.5 mile cool down
3 pm
BIKE- Intervals (90 minutes total)
             20 min warm up
             6x (15 sec max/2 min Tempo watts/15 sec max), 3 min recovery


As you can imagine, I need a lot of good-quality, nutrient dense food to keep me fueled throughout my training. Before my morning workouts, I’ll usually have a piece of toast with Wild Friends Almond Butter, half a banana and honey.

After swimming and running, I’ll usually eat toast, eggs and avocado + a smoothie with protein powder. 

I’ll have a quick snack before my bike session and while on the bike, I’ll have a Clif Gu.

Afterwards, I’ll typically make a dinner that includes sweet potatoes, vegetables, and chicken.

I’m lucky to be partnered with such great companies like Wild Friends, Clif Energy Products and Beet Elite!  These awesome products allow me to fuel my body with the proper nutrition it needs to maintain this lifestyle. 

It is so much fun training for three sports because there is always room for improvement. Training can be difficult, but I always tell myself to have fun, be patient and fuel properly!

If you've ever thought about trying out the sport of triathlon, I highly recommend it! There are triathlons that happen all over the country that you can train and compete it. If you don't want to go it alone, maybe recruit a friend or family member to join you :-)

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