10 Minute Hilt Workout!

Written by: Jamie King 

My favorite way to get a quick energy boost and work out in is to do a short and sweet 10-minute, HIIT-inspired workout! I love working out with my own body weight – it leaves no room for excuses and engages my whole body and mind.

I warm up with a minute of simple stretches and yoga to warm the full body and get my breath in check for my quick dive into cardio.

Warm Up:
1 minute
Cat / cow pose 3 times
Plank to down dog 3 times
Full sun salutations 3 times

HIIT Workout Round 1: CARDIO (targets: legs and core)
4 sets of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest (2 minutes)
Workout A: Frog Squat Burpees
Start in plank pose, jump feet to outside of hands into a low squat, jump from squat to the sky, return to low squat and then jump back to starting position
Workout B: High Knees
Jump from foot to foot while driving the opposite knee to hip height – use core to drive and lead the motion with your core

HIIT Workout Round 2: CORE (targets: core)
4 sets of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest (2 minutes)
Workout A: Yogi Bicycles with Straight Legs (bent knees if needed)
Bring feet to the sky, engage your legs, interlace your fingers behind your head. Drop one heel toward the ground as you bring the opposite toward your straight leg – lead with your core
Workout B: Reverse Pike Ups
Feet to the sky, engage legs and core, arms long by your sides drop feet to hover over the floor – use your core to bring your feet up and over head – return to start

HIIT Workout Round 3: CARDIO (targets: shoulders, core, legs, butt)
4 sets of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest (2 minutes)
Workout A: Cross Body Mountain Climbers
Start in plank pose – drive opposite knee to opposite elbow and then drive your foot back as you bring your other leg across
Workout B: Squats with Cross Kicks
Start in a wide (horse) squat, rise/ jump to stand as you kick your right heel to the left, return to squat and switch sides

HIIT Workout Round 4: ARMS (targets: arms, core)
4 sets of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest (2 minutes)
Workout A: Reverse Tricep Dips
Start in reverse tabletop, fingers face toward your toes, shift your hips back between your hands, lift and lower to hover, pulse through your triceps
Workout B: Chaturanga/ Wide Arm back and forth pushups
Start in plank,hands underneath shoulders, rock forward and lower halfway towards the ground then return to plank, walk hands out wide for traditional pushup – lower and lift, return to plank -switching between the two for the full 20 seconds.

Cool Down
1 minute

Standing: Mountain pose with tricep stretch each side and cross body stretch
Seated: figure 4 pose and whales tail on back or seated
Reclined: twisted figure 4 pose (legs left, gaze right first then switch)

It’s amazing the amount of sweat you’ll generate from this quick, power-packed workout. In about 10 minutes (or less), you’ll be drenched!

After a sweaty workout like this one, it’s important to power up and refuel with a healthy snack to stay focused, alert and on track throughout the day. After your next HIIT workout, try my fave post workout snack: a sliced banana with Cinnamon Raisin Wild Friends nut butter sprinkled with a teaspoon of chia seeds and a dollop of honey. You can add some coconut flakes for a little extra crunch!